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Almost Certainly Magdalene Veen

centaur 2

About a year or so ago, I was doing some art practice for the next issue of fanu fiku and found, downloaded and printed a whole bunch of images of people, clothing, and events that reminded me of fanu fiku’s central character, Xiao Dreamweaver.

After a few months of scribbling, one of those practice drawings finally turned out quite well in my narcissistic little eyes: a woman with goggles in an image I found off Warren Ellisweb site.

Since the original picture was off someone’s personal site filled with other similar pictures, in a fit of hubris I decided to send it to the woman and/or photographer who’d put it up in case they wanted it. Unfortunately, the link was gone off Warren’s site when I returned, or I no longer had the savvy or the recollection necessary to find it.

After much hunting, I have determined that this picture is almost certainly Magdalene Veen of the band Abney Park, which, as I have apparently produced fan art for them, I guess I am now obligated to go check out.

As should you all.
-the Centaur