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Oh, God Bless You!

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The Display tab of Mac OS X's Universal Access dialog

I’ve been having a problem with my old MacBook Pro where the screen’s bleached out … at first I thought it was my ASUS monitor, but the problem is also happening on the MacBook’s screen itself, so it’s got to be a problem with the laptop.

The problem came to a head when I tried going from the MacBook Air to the Pro to print out the reading script for BLOOD ROCK and I could barely read it onscreen … and noticed the problem in several other programs I’d just used.

I was frustrated, but I at last realized it was a MacBook problem and did what I always tell other people to do … looked it up on the Google. From
macbook screen bleached out????
i was comparing it to my new imac 24 2.8 GHZ, well actually the MB is newer, got the imac 3 weeks ago, macbook this morning, i found out that the screen on the macbook is bleached out, i know its not supposed to be equal to that of the imac, but the colors are bleached!!!!! and the brightness is lower than usual, the ones in the store are brighter!
In another thread, somebody said to go to System Preferences—> Universal Access, then adjust the slider to enhance the color.

Ah, yes. That be it. Thanks, online poster guy!

And I notice that the offending feature has keyboard shortcuts:
zooming in on the keyboard shortcuts
Very easy to hit these, I wager, if you’re using an old-school Microsoft Natural Keyboard with your MacBook Pro and keep forgetting whether the Alt key or Windows key maps to Command (it’s the Windows key, in the opposite place of what’s on the MacBook keyboard).

-the Centaur