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Why do we get ahead? So when we slip, we don’t fall behind.

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MAROONED 2013-11-10.png

So my wife returns from a month long business trip, and the day after she gets back, we go hiking. Actually, we went to lunch, went shoe buying, went hiking, and then book buying, shop walking and dinner eating in Santa Cruz.


So zero writing got done yesterday.

“And that’s why I try to get ahead!” Because I know from experience with Nano that there are days that writing just can’t get done. Work catches up with you, life catches up with you, wife catches up with you. You’re too busy, or having too much fun, or too sick, or whatever.

Even if you do as I do and refuse as many events as possible during Nano, you can’t get life down to zero.

So it’s super important not to stop at 1,666 words a day. If at all possible, try to get a notch more – a few hundred extra words a day. Even if you get just 250-300 extra words a day, by the end of the week you’ll have enough buffer to take a day off. Not that I recommend you take a day off in Nano – but you’ll have the buffer if you need it.

So I’m back on track today – it’s 3 in the afternoon, I’ve finished my daily quota, and thanks to being ahead before, missing a day yesterday has left me merely on track, rather than behind. And I have at least two more writing sessions today, so I may get even further ahead. No excerpts today – writing near the end, all too spoilery.

Onward into the deep!

-the Centaur