I’m Not Dead


Seems like I need to post these once in a while … I am, indeed, not dead.

Since finishing National Novel Writing Month last year, I’ve all but disappeared from this blog. Those who follow Dakota Frost on social media know at least part of the story: I’ve been working on LIQUID FIRE, Skindancer #3, and have just sent it off to copyedits after several rounds with my editor, Debra Dixon (who helped me make it a much better book).

That’s not the only thing going on – I was also working on two stories for an unannounced project in the Jeremiah Willstone universe, desperately trying to finish a novella in the same universe, and working my ass off at the Search Engine That Starts with A G on a new project which I can’t talk about at all other than that it’s awesome.

Add to that working with Thinking Ink Press on the upcoming release of The Parent’s Guide to Perthes, with the Write to the End group on various other projects, with my friend Nathan Vargas on his M-Theory system, and my wife on her art projects, and it’s been a hell of a busy time.

But, yes, there were a few rounds of illness: more than one cold from air travel and food poisoning and some general bouts of the blehs – a week-long vacation is a GREAT time to catch up on that illness you’ve been putting off. A hell of a lot of that has been going around this year – I can think of a probably ten people who were out over the last few months.

I do worry about winter illnesses: my father used to get sick around the end of each year, and we thought it would eventually kill him. But it never did. And he stopped exercising from back pain, heart disease and long before the end. In contrast, I’m fine, healthy, exercising, recently taking in four hours of hiking with my wife in Monterey:


So, to recap: not dead, just busy.

-the Centaur