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Shamelessly Meta

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It occurred to me that I could get a cheap blog post by commenting on my process of trying to do blogposts, so here goes. What I’ve found so far is that it’s hard to keep up the “write two blog posts a day” regimen – which is why you see my buffer dropping to almost zero yesterday (2016/01/11, as of this writing) when I skipped my blog posting because I ended up having long coffeehouse conversations. Conversely, once you get started again, it’s easy to get started – this post is my second blog post written on January 12th, so I’ve got a tiny little buffer again – this post, one more finished post, and one I plan on typing in which is in my notebook.

It’s hard to stay ahead. But even one or two days of buffer enable me to get up to speed quickly, so the payoff for getting ahead is huge. Conversely, the payoff for letting things pile up is … well …


Let’s just say I need to keep up with things a bit more beyond blogging too. This isn’t the half of it.

-the Centaur

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