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Okay, now that was a birthday cake …

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Well, I spoke too soon: as a surprise during my team’s offsite yesterday, they gave me a real Googleversary birthday cake. And a gift card to Cafe Romanza, one of my favorite coffeehouses (the other two top faves being Coupa Cafe and Cafe Intermezzo). I don’t think I could have been happier at that moment:


But I was sure happier today, having a nice dinner with my wife at our mutual favorite restaurant. We could have gone somewhere “special”, but I wanted to go to Aqui, the place that has the best memories of eating for me, not because of all the time I spend there writing, but of all the wonderful conversations I’ve had there with the love of my life, my wife.


She didn’t let me take a good picture of her, but she certainly got good pictures of me.


Now off to Facebook – I got over 50 well wishes from people on the occasion of my birthday, so as far as I am concerned the people who think that computers are making us less connected to other people can just go Like themselves. Gotta dash – the longer I spend saying thank you, the longer I put off my birthday spanking. (Actually, I already got that, but it’s the principle of the thing).

-the Centaur

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