Welcome to the Library of Dresan, the blog of computer scientist, software engineer and writer Anthony Francis!

By day, I program search engines and emotional robots for the Search Engine That Starts With a “G”; by night, I write science fiction and draw comic books.

I'm best known for my Dakota Frost, Skindancer urban fantasy series, starting with the 2011 Epic eBook winner FROST MOON and its two sequels BLOOD ROCK and LIQUID FIRE, all set in my former home Atlanta and starring my best friend, magical tattoo artist Dakota Frost.

I also write steampunk, including the novel JEREMIAH WILLSTONE AND THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE, many short stories, and numerous talks and panels at various conventions.

I'm co-editor of the anthology DOORWAYS TO EXTRA TIME.

I'm also a co-founder of Thinking Ink Press, publisher of the steampunk anthologies TWELVE HOURS LATER, THIRTY DAYS LATER and SOME TIME LATER, the latter two featuring stories by Harry Turtledove.

I'm co-author of the 24 HOUR COMIC DAY SURVIVAL GUIDE, helped organize the 10th anniversary celebrations for 24 Hour Comic Day, and have participated in 24HCD successfully five times.

In between all that writing and drawing, I've managed to squeeze out a dozen scientific publications on artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and emotional robotics, not to mention a few patents and, occasionally, some actual code.

I have a long love of science fiction conventions, and I've spoken at cons on the Mars Desert Research Project, on the science of airships, on the theory of steampunk, and many other topics.

As a former Atlantan, I have a special relationship to Dragon Con: I've been attending it since forever. I found my publisher for FROST MOON, Bell Bridge Books, at Dragon Con’s Writing Track, and my story “Steampunk Fairy Chick” in the UnCONventional anthology is set at Dragon Con.

I live in San Jose with my wife and cats but my heart will always belong in Atlanta.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog! Again, welcome!