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Help Bear and Fox Rescue Jon from Garfield

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bear and fox rescue jon from garfield
So I’m a fan of the highly obscure but highly funny comic “Bear and Fox” – with cute characters, a wry sense of humor, and a nerd factor of approximately 9.0 on the Geek Hierarchy scale, it’s right up my alley. Well, Randall Christopher, the creator of Bear and Fox, is at it again, and is looking from some help kickstarting the project!

Hi everyone,

The first two pages of the new Bear and Fox comic book are posted online! I am still trying to raise the funds to get the comic book printed.  I’ve raised a little over a third of the amount needed with three days left to go.  Thanks to all who have pledged so far!  If the funds are not raised by midnight monday, the project will go unfunded and no one will be charged.

The new comics!

Where to pledge:

ps. if anyone wants to help me out by blogging this, stumbling it, diggin it, facebooking, friendstering, etc by all means, yes

Very well then, so noted. I never knew Jon was actually a prisoner in Garfield’s police state … it makes Garfield minus Garfield all the more poignant! (Note: I actually loved Garfield as a child, though I haven’t kept up with daily newspaper strips as I no longer subscribe to a newspaper. And Jim Davis loves Garfield Minus Garfield – hopefully he’ll get the same kick out of Bear and Fox).

SO ANYWAY, help Randall Christopher help Bear and Fox save Jon from Garfield. Because, goodness knows, Jon’s not going to do it himself…

a real man of action

UPDATE: The Kickstart was successful! Here’s to Bear and Fox 2!