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Way back in the dawn of time, the Library of Dresan looked very different.

And I didn’t just write all the articles … I formatted all the HTML by hand.

Now, thank goodness, publishing to my blog is easier than I ever imagined, back in the day (and no, I’m not going to snark about Blogger having as many problems then as now, it served me well for many years before it, well, finally stopped serving me well).

SO ANYWAY, I’m reblogging all of the old articles of the Library, tagged now as, um, Reblogging. I will of course leave the original Articles up for historical interest and my eternal embarrassment. I mean, adding banner ads to my own site … pointing to my own site! What was I thinking?

Really, next I’ll get so self-referential I’ll be critiquing myself as I’m writing this!

-the Centaur