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Before the dawn of time…

centaur 1

…there was my ORIGINAL home page at the Georgia Institute of Technology:

Amazing, yes, the frames, the under construction sign, the ‘bouncer look’ photo, etc.

What amazes me even more? It’s still up, as of 2010-07-16. Wow.

But wait! This just in … according to the Wayback Machine, this wasn’t even the first version of the page; this is the first version of my home page:

Actually I can tell this isn’t the actual first version of my page – there are some links missing from it that were in the very earliest version of the page, and it has frames, which I don’t think were in the very first page I put up – but this is the oldest recorded version, from almost 14 years ago. Aeons in Internet time … especially considering the very first web page was only six years earlier, about 20 years ago:

How things have changed in two short decades.

-the Centaur