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BLOOD ROCK Radio, Redux

centaur 0

a page from the reading of blood rock, pre-seven-dirty-words cleanup

Hey there, Cinnamon and Dakota fans … I’ll be reading from the revised-for-print version of BLOOD ROCK on Ann Arbor’s Unbedtime Stories on KFJC 89.7 FM for the whole month of July.

Interestingly, this is the SECOND time I’ve made the early morning trip to Foothill College to read from BLOOD ROCK … the first time was two and a half years ago and marked the first time I appeared on Ann Arbor’s program.

The text has changed slightly, but the story remains the same. I hope you enjoy!

-the Centaur

Pictured: my reading copy of BLOOD ROCK, prior to search-and-replace of the Seven Dirty Words.

Crossposted at the Dakota Frost blog.