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A Funny Thing Happened Before My Trip To Comic-Con

centaur 1

Axually by the time you reads this am already atz the con now – but just befores I waz completely discombobulated from cats:

Anthony Last night our home was invaded by a quiet, timid but quite feral cat. 2 hours trying to locate the capture him – no dice, he was a wily fucker.

Then 3 hours cleaning the pee he left behind when he bolted out the door. Emailed that I wouldn’t be coming in and got to bed at 4:25am. Sheesh.

Donna OK…while I am sure that REALLY sucked, I have to admit I also am still laughing. Sorry that happened…Febreeze works well.

Anthony He’s an adorable little cat. He’s also a master of hiding (he tucked himself into the tiniest possible space in a bottom bookshelf) growls if approached closely and smells of pee. I think he’s been causing my other cats to spray. I’d be laughing too if the situation wasn’t so serious – just last night I lost two books, half a dozen magazines, some papers, and possibly an heirloom kitchen table I got from my grandmother to pee. The behavioral effects on our other cats are so severe one’s on Diazepram, the other’s on Prozac, and we’re thinking of getting rid of them. I’m locked out of my own library most of the time because we can’t let them get in there. I went out for coffee for an hour and a half and found the black cat on top of some clean laundry.

Donna Oh no!! I take it all back… No longer funny 🙁 I hope it gets better!

Anthony There’s some small amount of funny, I admit it. When not gnashing my teeth, I like to remember that it’s better than a kick in the head with a golf shoe!

William Good lord! I think you need the Cat Whisperer.

Cortney Decoite O. My. That’s almost as bad, if not equal to, a burglar. My deepest sympathies.

John Have you ever tried a kick in the head with a golf shoe? It’s not so bad. My eyes are still crossed and I’m falling down a lot, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the kick to the head…

Iz funny in a lolcats trainrecks kind of way. Don’t worries, will not get rid of teh cats. But just catching the ups now. Response will be the slow, please be the patients.

-the Centaur