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Why You Need to Turn off the Internet in Nano

centaur 0

HEX CODE has an epigraph, a quote by Cicero. I’m not sure whether it will stay in the final book, but it sums up the theme of the book for me perfectly:

Nature urges Man to wish that human society existed and to wish to enter it.
—Marcus Tullius Cicero, first historically verified werewolf.

The quote is my own tweak of a couple of different translations of this quote by Cicero – and of course Cicero wasn’t really a werewolf.

But I wanted to look up something about him, some damn thing about his tomb or whatever (not knowing at the time he’d been assassinated by the state and probably has no tomb) and made the stupid mistake of checking on Wikipedia.

The sorry result, 30 minutes later, is what you see above. I’m turning off the Internet now, and I hope if you’re doing Nano you do too. Because I think XKCD put the problem with Wikipedia best:

Wikipedia is a wonderful thing … but browsing it isn’t writing. Get back to work, nanoers!


-the Centaur