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Chuggin’ Chuggin’ Chuggin’

centaur 0

Well, Instant Upload is weirdly busted so you get my smilin’ mug instead of coffee. HEX CODE is now at 55,000 words:

I’m taking it a little easier now than I was before I hit 50,000 words … taking more time to read and catch up on email, even taking time to review notes on STRANDED.

But I do want to dump the rest of my floating ideas for HEX CODE into the document while they’re fresh, so I don’t lose them. From tonight:

I saw this thing earlier, out of the corner of my eye. It easily kept up with me, lopin’ along, twice as fast now that I think about the angles, using its superior speed to keep good cover between it and my line of sight. My only hope is to sit tight and hope it leaves.

Then the dragging noise I thought was a trashcan crackles right up behind me.

I’m on quadruple frozen now, concentrating on not even moving my tail—harder than you might think if you’re not a cat and don’t got one. I gotta breathe now, but I’m taking it in slow-like, through the mouth, in and out, so that my gut hurts from clenching.


-the Centaur