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How Crazy is Comic-Con?

centaur 1

How crazy is Comic-Con registration? I logged on at 8:00am this morning to get in the waiting list and by the time I cleared the “waiting room” for the signup page (at 9:10ish) it was completely sold out. This is what I saw when it finally “let me in” to register:

I hate to do it, but I have to lay the blame squarely on Gmail. Comic-Con sent me a registration form, I clicked on the link at 8:00am, just like they told me to …

The wait is over! Comic-Con 2012 badges will go on sale at 8:00 a.m. PST on Saturday March 3rd, 2012. To access the EPIC online registration website, click the following link: (link deleted for security reasons)

The link kept timing out, as one might expect from an overloaded system, but after 5 or so minutes of click … timeout, click … timeout, I started to get suspicious.

But the problem wasn’t in the site … it was in something Gmail was doing to the URL. Clicking on it didn’t work; copying the link location didn’t work. Copying just the text and pasting it … got me in at 9:10AM.

Too late.

Ah, Gmail, can’t live without you, but every once in a while…

BANG! ZOOM! To the moon.

Oh well, here’s hoping I get in as a professional like I did the last two years … this year I have even more claim, I guess, as I have a second book out, appear in two more books, and am involved with Blitz Comics.

Crossing my fingers!

-the Centaur
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