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Excellent Progress is Not Enough

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I’ve done 6 pages of THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE today, double the needed Script Frenzy rate.

If only I wasn’t already 40+ pages behind!

Script Frenzy 2012-04-23.png

I don’t think I’ve ever been this far behind on a National Novel Writing Month-like challenge, or with so much else to do in my life.

Time to step up my game.


New late-night coffeehouse detected, spouse alerted, necessary emails sent, distractions out of the way. 3 pages to go to get back on target; a magical 4 pages will put me ahead for the day – a pace that can only lead to victory! What would Jeremiah say?


Oh, dear God, I’m right.

The murmuring now becomes an open free for all. All the characters start speaking over each other.


Hang it all, it’s not possible for him to undo history—


Fine for you, you’re a man, you’ve a place in the world he wants—


So we’ve found him. Excellent. Any similarity to this speculation is surely simple coincidence—


Coincidence? We’ve never gotten a demagnetizer past the Confederates antenna arrays before—

Jeremiah calmly draws her sole working Kathodenstrahl and fires a blast straight up. The unlit chandelier beneath the apex of the dome flickers with lightning and light.


Do I have your attention?

(glances around)

Gentlemen and gentlewomen. The Lady Georgiana has identified an a threat to our very existence, and Sir Alice has just confirmed it.

She holsters her weapon, then looks at the spectroscope.


Sir Alice, I must recommend extreme boldness.

Extreme boldness, indeed.

Prevail, Victoriana!

-the Centaur