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Back on Track

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We made it to “back on track”. 94 pages, which is just enough to finish up by Monday if I do 3 pages per day. I’d rather “finish” Script Frenzy tonight, so I can relax a bit tomorrow and get back to LIQUID FIRE. Let’s see what we can do to do that.

Oh, right, excerpts. I can’t do latest excerpts as we’ve moved past the first twist of the story. Here’s a bit from a bit further back:

Jeremiah arrives moments after Georgiana, who’s wearing a slit-front traveling dress over boots and pants and has a leather satchel. She’s discreetly checking a deranger.


Well, Jeremiah, have you everything you need?

She dry-fires the deranger, while Jeremiah checks a first aid kit she keeps in her left pocket.


Whether I’m to stab or be stabbed for the queen, I’m ready.


Is that a literal or metaphorical stabbing you’re hoping for?

Patrick arrives wearing an aerograph pack, not unlike a cross between a television and a World War II field radio.


Oh, gentlewomen, please.

(notes blunderblast)

You’ve quite taken to that. I should give it to you.



Yes, you should. Check your pack?

Check your pack, wind your braces, buckle your chin-strap.

Prevail, Victoriana!

-the Centaur

UPDATE: Taking a break at 96 pages. That should be enough for tonight, and I’ve just about closed down the Coffee Society … but if I get more beans and vinegar, who knows?

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