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Stay on Target

centaur 0


Eighty-five pages in. There’s so much I would want to do to this script; so much I want to cut out, to streamline. But now’s not the time to do that. Now’s Script Frenzy, it’s only 7pm, and I’m just 8 pages shy of being back on track, back on the REAL track, the 3-a-day-to-finish track. Let’s see if we can do it. Latest excerpt:

Jeremiah looks back at her companions, mouth hanging open. Patrick is struggling with the straps of his aerograph.


Why am I lugging this? I should just polish up a sliver of obsidian and pack it with magic—


Settle down. That wasn’t magic. We need to establish our location—


Oh, I know where we are.

(staring overhead)

But that’s less of an answer than a new conundrum.

Jeremiah and Patrick turn to follow her eyes. Fifty feet away, a weathered archway over a wide road says…

That says … what? You’ll have to wait and see. (Though people who’ve read “Steampunk Fairy Chick” can probably guess.)

-the Centaur