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Today’s the Day

centaur 0


Today’s the day I can get back on track. Already 5 pages in to today’s quota, it’s barely past noon, and I’m not scheduled to do anything today except write. No birthday parties, no trips to the park, no ferrying people about the whole Bay Area and Pacific Coast Highway. Just writing. Latest excerpt:

Harbinger motions to an aeronaut to take his place at the console. Jeremiah leaps down into the navigation trench, art deco glass crunching under her boots. She peers about.


Lower us over the shorter tower at our five o’clock. It looks to have a flat roof and a fire escape.


(looks in telescopes)

We’re on it, Commander.


Doubly capital.

She leaps up the stairs and joins Patrick, who is extending his hand to Georgiana — but with his eyes on Jeremiah.


Just like old times.

Georgiana, as oblivious as Jeremiah, takes his hand and rises, and the three of them are together again.


Just like Austria.


Let’s hope not, you stole from me all the best men.


There are other fish in the sea.

The three of them walk together from the bridge.


We’ll keep an eye out for you—



Here goes nothing. Onward into the seas of time!

-the Centaur