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Comic-Con 2012 v3.png

It’s back to Comic-Con this week. I have no appearances, no obligations; I even sent the revisions of “Stranded” to the editor before my departure, so it’s just a fun week soaking in the concentrated geekery of one hundred and fifty thousand of my spiritual friends. I don’t even know the schedule of the con yet; here’s to having fun.

I do have to say it’s getting ridiculous in size, though. Hotel rooms aren’t quite as bad to come by as Dragon*Con – which you need to order a year in advance, whereas Comic-Con opens up hotel rooms at more like six months – but the ticket procedure is crazy. If I wasn’t going as a professional, I wouldn’t be able to make it; I logged on as early as possible that morning and still failed to get a normal ticket. I don’t know how other people do it, but clearly, one hundred and fifty thousand of them do.

Still, the programming is great, the dealer’s room is awe-inspiring, and San Diego’s Gaslamp district is a wonderful place to hang out with friends for dinner (or even to retreat to with your laptop when inspiration strikes and the lines and crowds are getting a little too much to deal with in the Convention Center).

Here’s hoping the Comic-Con team can find a way to continue to offer this wonderful event!

-the Centaur