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Now that’s what I’m talking about…

centaur 0


Yesterday was nearly a wash – worn out after three long consecutive work days pushing software in preparation for a release, and then out late on date night with my wife – dinner at Aqui’s (yum) and movie Tron 3 (AKA Wreck it Ralph, you’re not fooling me, Disney). Totally. Worth. It., of course, but still … less than 300 words done for the day.


But today? Up early to take my wife to the airport, had breakfast at Crepevine, and got almost triple that before even 9:30AM!


And now, I’m in for my second writing session, before even 10AM. This is what makes Nano work.


-the Centaur

Pictured: Crepevine as seen from the upper window of Cafe Romanza, my wife at Aqui’s, and progress.

UPDATE: Writing Session 2 done, I am now officially caught up for the day:


And, despite the last week’s slippages, I’m still ahead overall for Nano:


Plus there are at least one and maybe two or three more writing sessions today.