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Thanksgiving: Mission Accomplished

centaur 0


Once again, I have successfully written NOTHING on Thanksgiving Day, spending it instead with friends!


Mission accomplished. What am I thankful for? My great friends that I’ve known for a quarter century.


The wonderful food we all prepared (mostly) by hand on a holiday that’s not yet commercialized.


Preparing my first nearly perfect pound cake in a few years (more on that later). Not to mention living in a land where we can all not just eat, but have dessert! Most of all, being far enough ahead in Nano to just hang out and spend time with friends without worrying about keeping myself caught up.


As Fonzie would say, “Ayyy, little buddy.”

I don’t know how much more time I’ll have this weekend to hang out with my friends; if it wasn’t for Nano I’d be spending all my time sending out acceptances and rejections on DOORWAYS TO EXTRA TIME. But I do have to eat, so I’ll be having at least one and possibly two more nice meals with my friends. And I hope several long phone calls with my wife (away on business).

More things to give thanks for. The gifts, they don’t stop coming.

So, thanks, God, for everything.

-the Centaur