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Day 030

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Rough Sketch Practice

Well, this may have been quick, and it may look sketchy, but actually, this is real drawing practice. I’ve long had a copy of How to Draw: Getting Started book, a meaty slab of hot drawing tips ripped from the pages of the now-defunct Wizard magazine. This “Basic Training” compilation still remains my favorite one-volume collection of comics techniques, deftly combining breadth and depth through short mini-lessons from top comics creators (I mean, come on, they’ve got Adam Hughes, pinup-style cover artist extraordinaire, drawing the section on “Sexy Women” followed by Terry Moore, character-driven independent artist, drawing the following section on “Realistic Women”, and that’s just for starters).

I’ve read it many times, but I’ve never really sat down to methodically do all the exercises.

Until now.

Pictured: roughs drawn from five comic book covers picked pseudo-randomly from my inspiration stacks: Xanadu #1, Dreamery #4, Eagle #3, Superman #39, and Cloak and Dagger #1. I figure I should do ~5-10 of these from existing covers and/or reference drawings, then ~5-10 of these from my own previous drawings and/or my mental character gallery. Then I’ll move on to the next section.

Drawing every day.

-the Centaur

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