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Day 031

centaur 0

the centaur by a brook

As it says on the tin. A brief experiment in a cartoony style, inspired by the work of my see-them-only-at-San-Diego-Comic-Con friend Travis Hanson. I found it relatively hard to make a cartoony style work, much less getting coloring “right” even when the coloring didn’t need to be even vaguely realistic. Clearly I’m going to need to practice coloring per se, and not just rely on Photoshop filters. This exercise gave me a lot more respect for Travis Hanson’s art style, and I already had a lot of respect for it! (It’s his art on the wall of my old library in the current blog header; can’t wait until that art gets here, though I already have some of my wife’s art hanging where I can see it, just a few feet away).

Drawing every day.

-the Centaur

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