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Day 057

centaur 0

Turing Drawing

Alan Turing, rendered over my own roughs using several layers of tracing paper. I started with the below rough, in which I tried to pay careful attention to the layout of the face – note the use of the ‘third eye’ for spacing and curved contour lines – and the relationship of the body, the shoulders and so on.

Turing Rough 1

I then corrected that into the following drawing, trying to correct the position and angles of the eyes and mouth – since I knew from previous drawings that I tended to straighten things that were angled, I looked for those flaws and attempted to correct them. (Still screwed up the hair and some proportions).

Turing Rough 2

This was close enough for me to get started on the rendering. In the end, I like how it came out, even though I flattened the curves of the hair and slightly squeezed the face and pointed the eyes slightly wrong, as you can see if you compare it to the following image from this New Yorker article:

Turing Photo

-the Centaur

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