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Day 087

centaur 0

kelthani sketch

Super quick sketch of Kelthani, an alien character from the “Alliance” universe of my “Stranded” and “Sibling Rivalry” stories. Fun fact: Serendipity the Centaur in “Stranded” is named after Kelthani (her middle name is Keltanya). The barely visible tattoo is the first three letters of “USMC”, because Kelthani is literally a U. S. Marine drill instructor born in Darlington, South Carolina … about 500 years from now.

And yes, he can probably kick your ass. He was a Marine for 300 years.

Done to celebrate finishing a notebook and switching back to an older (like, 20 years older) notebook with blank pages that features Kelthani quite a bit. Sharpie sketch right over very light roughs, trying to reconstruct his bone structure from memory, cleaned up in Photoshop with the levels tool.

Drawing every day.

-the Centaur

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