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Day 094

centaur 0

good friday vigil drawing

Still stuck on Sharpie drawings while I am simultaneously (a) doing a Lenten series (b) unpacking my library as it is shipped from California and (c) dealing with end-of-quarter objectives (“OKRs”). Above is a drawing of Saint Stephens in-the-Field as set up for Good Friday Vigil: I deliberately simplified it as there’s no point in doing a super-detailed drawing when you’re trying to do it super-quick. Still, I discovered, as I was drawing the simple shapes of the Cross, something I’ve suspected: my lines have a wobble to them. This could be practice, or it could be a lingering side effect of my serious RSI episode in the late ’90’s, which I am still managing to this day (typing this on a lowered keyboard tray as we speak).

good friday vigil small

Drawing every day.

-the Centaur

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