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Two Thousand and Twenty One Dragons Walk Into a Bar

centaur 0

So Dragon Con has come and gone again. I can’t tell you how great it was to see my friends again, to be in that environment again, to get a fresh supply of genre t-shirts again. Last year, while the zombie apocalypse was shambling past, we hunkered down and met virtually, which was actually quite nice – one of my friends shared a picture of the Westin bar where a lot of writers used to meet, and we used it as a backdrop for our our Zoom calls:

the westin bar

That year (2020), I was having so much fun in the mentoring sessions I never checked out the other content. But this year (well, now, 2021), despite the raging zombie apocalypse being worse than ever (except for the presence of the vaccine) I didn’t check out any online content in favor of real-world experiences.

-the Centaur

P.S. Almost a year later (now 2022, with Dragon Con coming up in 3 months), I just noticed this post never went up. Sigh. I wonder what else I was going to say.

Up it goes.

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