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Posts published in “Sketchworks”

Day 1

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Xiao, saying "Finally." -the Centaur

Daily Sketchworks: Andrew Loomis

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Daily Sketchworks: trying to reproduce the cover of Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for All It's Worth, available as a gorgeous book from Titan Books (recommended) or a PDF via Goodreads. I'm not going to show a full-on scan of my drawing, because it's a copy, but you can see some of the coolness of some of his drawings by looking at the following screencaps: To be wholly frank, I'll use whatever tools I have to to make me do more drawing. -the Centaur

Daily Sketchworks – Fountain

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How much can you draw before they bring your food? Fountain at Front Page News L5P, again with no pencils. -the Centaur

Daily Sketchworks – Jeremiah

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The challenge on this one: no pencils, no references, just straight freeform inking.