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Posts tagged as “Drawing Every Day”

Day 6

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Tony Francis at Meteor Crater Tony Francis at Meteor Crater. Sure was windy that day. Oddly, this is one of the best pictures I have taken of my dad. Guess I enjoyed spending time with him more than taking photos! Drawing every day. -the Centaur

Day 5

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Uncle Boo, Hand Sketch Ran out of time unpacking and organizing my library, so no digital sketch today. All I had time to do was a hand sketch of Uncle Boo, which I took on in hopes that I'd do better than the digital one (or at least figure out where I went wrong). Other than imagining connections instead of seeing and drawing them, the number one thing I walked away with was, man, I need to find and unpack my art supplies. Though the resemblance to my dad is more striking in a drawing ... Closeup of Dad at Meteor Crater. Perhaps I've found my next drawing subject ... Still, drawing every day. -the Centaur  

Day 3

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Porsche and a Kettledrum Bit off more than I could chew this time, attempting to do full coloring layers. Had to give up about a third of the way through because it is way past bedtime, even for me. Not happy with the sketch or the result, didn't really get to flesh this one out the way I wanted to. Still, drawing every day. -the Centaur

Day 2

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Rough sketch of Jeremiah and her antennae Little sketchier this time. But drawing every day. -the Centaur

Day 1

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Xiao, saying "Finally." -the Centaur