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Testing Ecto as an Offline Blogging Platform

centaur 0


My ideas for blogging fast outpace my patience for actually blogging them. One problem with systems like WordPress or Blogger is that the interfaces for creating posts are a bit complex and work only online. Simpler “microblogging” systems, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, enable you to post easily, but limit what you can post (and are walled gardens, to one extent or another). So I’m always looking for good offline blogging clients.

Part of the problem is that I’m on the Mac. Nothing against Windows or Linux, but Macs are (for me) more reliable even though the interface isn’t quite as easy to use. But working on the Mac limits your software choices. I’ve tried Qumana, which isn’t bad but sometimes has bad interactions with my blogging settings. (I need to update it, so I’m not giving up on it yet). I’ve tried a variety of Android blogging clients, such as the WordPress app, but I haven’t figured out how to make them obey my image sizing restrictions. So I’m trying other blogging clients, starting with Ecto.

Nice category / tagging interface, easy uploads. Doing something weird with carriage returns, which was a problem with Qumana, but it may be fixable. OK, this is enough of a post to try it out. Here goes nothing!

-the Centaur

Pictured: Gabby, my most computer literate cat, in the lap of luxury (as seen through a few Photoshop filters).

UPDATE: Ecto *gasp* did what I wanted. One point for Ecto!