Science Fiction

I've written more science fiction than anything else, spinning a series of space opera stories filled with hard-science takes on ancient myths: alien dragons, genetically engineered centaurs, and nanotech vampires. Unfortunately, the Alliance Universe is some of my earliest work and little of it has been published (yet).

The one Alliance story currently published is "Sibling Rivalry", the story of a scientist fighting a computer gone mad realistically, where the computer has a real motivation to go amok and the scientist must fight it using real artificial intelligence concepts ... no talking it to death or improbable back doors are allowed. "Sibling Rivalry" stands alone; you don't need to read any other Alliance stories to understand it.

Urban Fantasy

More recently, I've been writing paranormal romance or urban fantasy, starting with the Dakota Frost series. Dakota is a Skindancer, a tattoo artist who can ink magic tattoos that come to life. Living in an alternate Atlanta filled with vampires, werewolves and men in black, Dakota applies equal parts skepticism, magic and attitude to navigate the Edgeworld where magic and reality meet.

The first book in the Dakota Frost, Skindancer series is Frost Moon, and it's currently at a publisher. We're working on what we hope will be the final round of revisions, and if successful we hope the book will come out late this fall.


I'm also working on webcomics, including f@nu fiku, the story of a young girl who can travel through all possible combinations of all possible stories. The comic is on hiatus right now as I'm working on my novels as my primary focus, but I do have about a half dozen pages on the comic to post soon.

I've also worked on two other comics, one tentatively called The Dashide and one tentatively called the Dresanian, both set in the Alliance universe. Or perhaps both comics should be lumped together as "The Dresanians" as they share characters and are intimately connected. Having learned my lesson with f@nu fiku, I haven't posted any of these until I have enough material to know I can keep up a solid schedule. Stay tuned.