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Posted February 24, 2002

Dr. Anthony G. Francis, Jr. is a researcher in artificial intelligence, a professional software developer and a science fiction author.

He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2000 for his research on context-sensitive asynchronous memory, a cognitively-inspired model of memory which uses task context to improve memory retrieval in computer systems.

His research explores the influence of context on memory, reasoning and behavior. Sensitivity to context is one of the hallmarks of intelligence, enabling agents to decide how to expend their limited resources effectively in different environmental situations. His research has investigated the influence of context on memory and planning, emotion and decision making, and information retrieval.

His professional software development began with database applications for financial aid software and circuit board assembly lines. More recently, his professional work focused on applications for the Internet, including research in information retrieval for Enkia Corporation and development of data transmission components for Police Central, Incorporated.

Dr. Francis also researches and develops technologies and applications for games and interactive entertainment. He has served as a consultant on technologies for interactive entertainment applications, has developed emotion and personality modules for robotic pets, and is currently studying artificial intelligence techniques for computer game characters.

His other resarch interests include a variety of areas in cognitive science and cognitive psychology, including animal cognition, natural language understanding, and the impact of cognitive science on disciplines such as history.

Dr. Francis develops and maintains the Library of Dresan site, named after a prominent landmark in his Alliance series of fiction. His stories explore the frontier of artificial intelligence, physics, genetics and nanotechnology, always seeking to understand how people will live their lives in a world of infinite possibilities.

Dr. Francis lives in Atlanta, Georgia, a city in the forest filled with good food, good bookstores and serving as a frequent terminus in the travels of many good friends.

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