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About the Library
By The Centaur ~ February 26, 2001

The Library of Dresan is the online home of the research, work and art of Anthony Francis.

I update the Library every two weeks, adding articles, essays and stories and highlighting key elements of my research work on a rotating basis.

The Library is named after the spiritual heart of my Dresan-Murran Alliance fiction series, and will feature stories from the Alliance and other fictional endeavors.

The Library also serves as a permanent home for my research in artificial intelligence, featuring publications, overviews, and links to interesting resources, papers and people in the field. These pages will feature reports on and reprints of my work in memory, information retrieval, planning, control, emotion, robotics, interactive fiction, Internet systems, and game development.

Finally, the Library is nexus for a variety of friends and favorites across the world and the Web.


- The Centaur

About the Banners
By The Centaur ~ February 26, 2001

No, they're not banner ads.

One of the ways I find interesting sites is banner ads running on places that I trust. I found Slashdot, Ars Technica and Megatokyo this way, as well as many others I won't mention.

SO, the banners you see on many of the pages are colorful pointers to my favorite sites. If you see it, I recommend it.

At some later time, I may accept banner ads. If I do, I'll let you know ... but know that I'll check each one personally, until such time that I don't, at which point I'll let you know that too.


- The Centaur

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