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The Alternate Phantom Menace
By The Centaur ~ August 21, 2004

"Remember, Ani. Inna Force, I be with you always."

A Strike Against Taurlink
By The Centaur ~ April 23, 2004

Whatever happened to customer service?

A Strike Against Blogger
By The Centaur ~ March 16, 2004

Not so good so far.

Little Soho Midtown Street Fair
By The Centaur ~ March 14, 2004

Upcoming Art and Music.

Dresan Today
By The Centaur ~ March 10, 2004

An Experimental Weblog.

And She Was Dancing All That Time
By The Centaur ~ February 7, 2004

Life On Hold.

Centaurs In Space
By The Centaur ~ December 31, 2003

The Shape Of Things To Come.

Upcoming Art and Theater
By The Centaur ~ February 26, 2003

Friends in Art.

Strange Stars Collide
By The Centaur ~ February 25, 2003

Sensational Science News.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me
By The Centaur ~ February 3, 2003

Big Frelling Whine - Part II.

By The Centaur ~ January 25, 2003

Big Frelling Whine - Part I.

{ x | ~ph34r(x) ^ x==ph34r }
By The Centaur ~ October 28, 2002

Quick Sparklies.

Dreamline Unlimited
By The Centaur ~ October 14, 2002

A Concert Report.

Defeated by Playground Sand
By The Centaur ~ October 10, 2002

Fighting the forces of evil.

Farscape Rockz
By The Centaur ~ October 6, 2002

Muppet Frelling Power

UPDATE - Atlanta Farscape Rally
By The Centaur ~ October 3, 2002

Muppet Frelling Power

Farscape Frelling Canceled
By The Centaur ~ October 3, 2002

Why does this keep happening? Part II.

Save the Sci-Fi Mystery Bookshop
By The Centaur ~ October 2, 2002

Why does this keep happening? Part I.

Buzz Aldrin Lands One on Surface of Loon
By The Centaur ~ October 1, 2002

Yay for our side.

Featuring the Features Page...
By The Centaur ~ August 25, 2002

Pull yourself together.

Get Your Pathfinder Crew Gear Here...
By The Centaur ~ August 23, 2002

Getting ahead of myself.

The Net Is Not Invincible
By The Centaur ~ August 16, 2002

We have to grow up.

Quick Sparklies
By The Centaur ~ July 15, 2002

Catch them while they last.

Universe Born In Fire
By The Centaur ~ April 30, 2002

Seeing the small in the large.

Call for Knowledge - Great April Fool's Day Hoaxes
By The Centaur ~ April 16, 2002

Been zinged (or amused) on April 1st online?

Call for Knowledge Results: Non-American News
By The Centaur ~ April 16, 2002

Winners of the contest.

April Fool's Day Alert
By The Centaur ~ April 1, 2002

Be warned: those you trust are lying to you.

The 2002 Game Developer's Conference
By The Centaur ~ March 31, 2002

Why games matter.

Call for Knowledge: Non-American News in English
By The Centaur ~ March 16, 2002

The straight story as the other guy sees it.

The Paper Trebuchet
By The Centaur ~ March 16, 2002

Medieval technology for interoffice warfare.

The Tag
By The Centaur ~ March 16, 2002

Scientific and religious views of the afterlife.

A Few Notes
By The Centaur ~ March 1, 2002

Some notes on this site.

Starving Art
By The Centaur ~ February 24, 2002

What happens to art if you don't have what it takes?

By The Centaur ~ November 18, 2001

What does it take to create art?

It's Good to Be Alive
By The Centaur ~ November 13, 2001

A few of the good things in life.

When Good Messages Go Bad
By The Centaur ~ November 2, 2001

An easy lie sours any truth.

By The Centaur ~ November 1, 2001

The charter of the Library.

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