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Current Features
Summary by The Centaur last updated January 26

To streamline web site updates, the Blog focuses on quick items and commentary, whereas the Current Features page lists "big changes" at the site, like the Library of Dresan Store and new contests and essays.

Current Features:
- Essay: Strange Stars Collide
- Sparkly: Upcoming Art and Theater
- Merchandise: Library of Dresan Store

Site Highlights:
- Essay: The Tag
- Essay: Universe Born In Fire
- Story: Sibling Rivalry
- Other Articles

The Contests:

- A Call for Great April Fool's Day Hoaxes
- Results of the Call for Non-American News

I have restaurant reviews in the hopper, as well as some sketches for essays. This is not to forget the results of the Call for Great April Fool's Day Hoaxes which needs some work before I post it. And I have some art, fiction and other materials which I hope to post this quarter.

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- Gamasutra
- Steve Woodcock
- John Laird
- Boids!

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- Grapes
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- Volkswagens

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... And Religion
... As An Ambulance Ride to the Future

Web Comics
- MegaTokyo
- Sluggy Freelance
- Argon Zark

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