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Call for Great April Fool's Day Online Hoaxes
A Call For... posted by The Centaur ~ April 16, 2002

The Call. This month's Call follows up on the April Fool's Day alert I sent out a few weeks ago.  I've been "nailed" by a variety of April Fool's Day hoaxes in newspapers, magazines and online sources that I read, though with rare exceptions I usually figure it out before the article is done. (Some of the worst "gotcha's" have been in magazines, whose April Fool's day issues may be printed well before April First... or may be read long after).

However, writing the alert started me thinking:

What are the best April Fool's Day hoaxes online?

Google's recent article explaining its proprietary search algorithm is a good example. 

The Criteria. SO, send me the best zingers you have seen online.  To be included, the hoax needs to meet the following criteria:
  • The story must be available online. I've read good April Fool's Day pieces in newspapers and magazines, but in the end the Library is an online site and winners in the contest must be linkable. I will accept retellings of good April Fool's Day hoaxes in other mediums, but these will be judged separately. 
  • The story must be presented as fact. Humor articles and satirical pieces don't count: the story must be presented as genuine news story or opinion , except that it isn't.
  • The source must have a reputation for fact. Articles in the Onion or other humor magazines don't count.

The Rules. "The Calls For.." are informal contests to compile information about a topic of interest. I accept submissions for two weeks, then collate them into a brief article highlighting the best submissions, which will win a Library of Dresan prize of some kind. The rules are:

  • Submissions will be accepted for two weeks. That's Midnight, April 30th.
  • Submissions to the call must be sent to the Info link. Sending entries to my home address not only disqualifies them, it puts them at risk of my buggyfa antivirus software.
  • Submissions must meet the Criteria of the Call. Each entry must satisfy the criteria to be considered.

I look forward to seeing your entries!
See you in 15.
- The Centaur
Renaissance Engineer

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