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Anthony Francis received his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the College of Computing of the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2000.

He is conducting research into context and its influence on memory, reasoning and behavior. His other research interests include agents, natural language understanding, case-based reasoning, distributed artificial intelligence, semiotics and cognitive science.

Ph. D. Thesis
Dr. Francis' thesis committee was:

Dr. Ashwin Ram (computer science)
Dr. Janet Kolodner (computer science)
Dr. Kurt Eiselt (computer science)
A copy of his thesis proposal is on-line in HTML format.
Research Groups
While at Georgia Tech, Anthony participated in several research groups, including the IGOR Group, the NLR Group, the Creativity Group, and, of course, the AI and Cognitive Science Groups.
  • The IGOR Group Research in learning, case-based reasoning, natural language understanding, creativity, education, and cognitive science.
  • The NLR group An interdisciplinary research group investigating natural language issues.
  • Artificial Intelligence Group The College of Computing's Artificial Intelligence program.
  • Cognitive Science Group The interdisciplinary Cognitive Science program at Georgia Tech.
Research Projects
Anthony Francis has published papers in the AAAI Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning, the Knowledge Compilation and Speedup Learning Workshop, and the European Conference on Machine Learning.
Georgia Tech

David Aha
Marie desJardins
Kenneth Moorman
Ashwin Ram
Naoki Sadakuni
Marin Simina
Manuela Veloso

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