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Save the SF/Mystery Bookshop! 
Why does this keep happening by The Centaur
October 2, 2002

Atlanta's independent bookstore scene, still scarred by the terrible loss of the superlative but overextended local Oxford chain, is in danger of another blow - and the Science Fiction and Mystery Bookshop needs your help!

Two years ago, this Atlanta fixture - known as much for its booksignings and support of the local writing community as for its quirky combination of genres and incredibly deep selection - found itself in difficult straits. After a few years teetering on the edge, the shop sent a letter to all of its customers asking them "please, come buy a book!"

This direct approach worked well - so well, in fact, that after a year's worth of improved sales, the owners of the SF/Mystery Bookshop felt so much better about their chances that they sent out a follow-up letter saying, "thanks, we're out of the woods!"

That letter went out September 10, 2001.

As you can imagine, 9/11's blow to the economy hit small businesses particularly hard - over the past year I have learned that many Atlanta restaurants and clubs teetered on the edge of collapse, and some, like the handmade leathercraft shop Warlords, closed altogether. After one good year the SF/Mystery Bookshop was able to survive, but after a full year of struggle was back at the brink of collapse.

So they are appealing for help again - and they need it soon. The shop is located on Cheshire Bridge about halfway between the highway and Piedmont (in sight of the Chamber, in fact :-) and isn't too hard to find:

The Science Fiction & Mystery Bookshop, Ltd.
2000-F Cheshire Bridge Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(404) 634-3226

So to all readers of the Library - drop by and buy a few books, damn it, so we won't lose another independent!
-The Centaur

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