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Buzz Aldrin Lands One On Surface of Loon 
Yay for Our Side by The Centaur
October 1, 2002

An update on the Free Buzz campaign: Buzz Aldrin was cleared of all charges for decking a Lunar Hoax Loonie.

We began tracking this story last month, when independent journalist Bart Sibrel lured second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin to a hotel to accuse him of faking the moon landing. A self-styled defender of the truth, Sibrel tricked the aging but virile science hero with a fake story about an interview for a non-existent group of Japanese schoolchildren. Buzz at first just buzzed Sibrel off, but when Sibrel pressed the attack, demanding that the former astronaut swear on a Bible that he had landed on the moon, Buzz's famous temper took hold and the 72 year old ex-astronaut and war hero clocked his 6-foot-2 assailant on the jaw.

For a while it was looking dicy for Buzz as police reviewed the tape for possible assault charges. But, the Free Buzz campaign is now proud to report that after police reviewed the tape - made by Sibrel's paid cameraman, and clearly showing that he was not seriously injured - they declined to file charges.

The police findings that led to the decision included the following: Sibrel lured Aldrin to the hotel under false pretenses, chased him down the street calling him a liar and a coward, sustained no visible injury from the punch, sought no medical attention - and, of course, was harassing a national science hero with a perfect record.

Hooray for our side!
-The Centaur

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