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The Paper Trebuchet
Sparkly Thing for the Day posted by The Centaur ~ March 16, 2002

There was nothing to be heard in my cube but the soft tapping of keys and whispers of music from a pair of doffed headphones. Suddenly, that tranquility was shattered as I was struck by a projectile hurled into the heart of my office domain: a single grape.

Yes, I had become the victim of the latest technology in interoffice warfare: the paper trebuchet. Yes, with little more than only a printer and a few sheets of cardstock you, too, can terrorize your officemates with an indoor version of this castle-busting medieval weapon.

Or, if hurling grapes isn't enough for you, try Volkswagens or pianos.

- The Centaur
Renaissance Engineer

Choose your grade:
- Grapes
- Pianos
- Volkswagens

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