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April Fool's Day Alert
Alert   posted by The Centaur ~ April 1, 2002

A warning to all the gullible and gentlehearted out there: today is April Fool's Day, when many otherwise well-meaning journalists, reporters, scientists and people who should really know better try to promote skepticism by lying to you through media sources you have learned to trust.

While I think a healthy skepticism is worthwhile, I think people tend to forget that articles and news bites get taken out of context. If you stumble across a convincingly written Fool's story in a source you're not familiar with, you might take the story at face value - especially if you don't have access to the whole paper to "get" the gist of the joke or don't read it often enough to catch the followup.

Still, that having been said, there's no excuse for not having a good bullshit filter. Be warned.
- The Centaur
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