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UPDATE - Atlanta Farscape Rally 
Muppet Frelling Power by The Centaur
October 3, 2002

As part of the global 5th of Farscape Rally, Atlanta will have its own 2-day Farscape Rally will be held in Atlanta October 4th and 5th. Three of the Farscape crew (Gigi Edgley - Chiana, Lani Tupu - voice of Pilot and Crais, and Paul Goddard - Stark) will be in town.

The schedule:

  • October 4 - Farscape Signing at Tower Records
    The cast will be at Tower Records (3232 Peachtree Rd.)from 5pm to 7pm for a signing.
  • October 5 - Afterparty at The Chamber
    Apparently someone at Atlanta's favorite fetish club is a big Farscape fan, because they've opened the doors at 10pm and changed their door policy to host the Farscape afterparty. "The Secret Room" Saturday Chamber event staff is friendly to Farscape and will most likely be helping to make this event a success.
So show up, show support and above all - have fun!
-The Centaur

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