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Farscape Rockz 
Muppet Frelling Power by The Centaur
October 6, 2002

It remains to be seen whether the 5th of Farscape Rally will help actually help save the show or was just a bunch of fans tilting at windmills, but measured in terms of turnout, community and just a blazing good time, the Atlanta Farscape Rally was a terrific success.

At Tower Records, at least 35 people were on hand before the signing even began - and Farscape fans are, hands down, the friendliest and most personable group of fans that I've ever seen. Then the crew arrived, and the line began to see the fetching Gigi Edgley (Chiana), the personable Lani Tupu (Crais and voice of Pilot) and the thoughtful Paul Goddard (Stark, as well as Agent Brown from the Matrix). I left for an errand and came back 15 minutes later, and the line was no shorter - and after I went through the line myself, enough people had filed in behind to extend it out to its original length and more.

It was worth the wait. All three took the time to not just talk but really connect with every fan that came to see them - Paul discussed his philosophy of acting for the Matrix, Lani spoke warmly about the Farscape family, and Gigi had a great time hamming it up with all the fans - especially about the timezone difference, for she had apparently gone out clubbing until 4am before her flight (and was still dressed for the part in boots and black leather)!

"Do you know about the Chamber?" I asked.
"No-one will give me a straight answer," she replied, in a delicious Australian accent. "Is it a fetish club?"
I raise an eyebrow. "Yes, it is a fetish club."
Her eyes lit up. "So I can wear what I want?"
"You are encouraged to wear what you want."
Her reply: "Awww-right!"
The next day at the Chamber, however, the turnout was awesome. The Chamber itself was in fine form, with the music pumping, the fans in Farscape costumes and the regular clientele in full club/goth/fetish regalia. (I did my part too, wearing a Native American costume with handmade breastplate and leggings that proved popular enough that some of the actors wanted their picture taken ... with me?!? Uhm...okay, aren't the fans supposed to want their pictures taken with the stars and not the other way around? Anyway, I was flattered, but in the interest of full disclosure I'm actually Lebanese, not Native American.)

The crew seemed to be enjoying themselves: Gigi was again stunning and appropriately dressed, Paul was definitely chilling (and apparently has his own rabid fans), and Lani was definitely having a blast - though one of the 'Scapers told me his biggest kick in Atlanta so far had been shopping ... the story as I heard it was that he found Tower Records's selection absolutely amazing, and, having not seen their new location before, I have to agree - go check it out if you can. But back to the Chamber.

The Chamber's Saturday night event organizers, the freaky but friendly team of the Secret Room, did an outstanding job, running Farscape videos and doing a Farscape-themed performance piece with a stageful of cosplayers filling out virtually everyone in the Farscape crew. The only crewmember missing was Crais - but the real Crais was on hand, and Lani and the other actors joined the fans on stage to thank them. Clearly he was moved:

"Four years ago, none of us knew we would be here ... today ... in Atlanta ... for a Farscape rally!" he shouted. "There are soldiers in Afghanistan ... holding a Farscape rally! There are fans in New York ... holding a Farscape rally! There are fans in Sydney ... holding a Farscape rally! What can I say. Farscape rocks! And you ... the 'Scapers ... the fans ... YOU ROCK!"
What can I add to that? Go write your letters. And have fun!
-The Centaur

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