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Farscape Frelling Canceled 
Why does this keep happening by The Centaur
October 3, 2002

Most of the digerati will have heard about this from the story on Slashdot, but Farscape - currently the number two show at the SciFi channel, and in the past the SciFi channel's flagship - has apparently been canceled one year short of its five-year contract.

Of course a lot of slugs immediately crawled out of the woodwork to say, "good riddance, I hated that show" but, back on planet reality, Farscape has won a strong fanbase and critical acclaim.

However, apparently the cost of Farscape, combined with strong ratings for SciFi channel newcomer Stargate (which rapidly became the channel's number one show) led to the network's decision to poison the well.

While an official announcement is still forthcoming, the campaign to save the show is going on in earnest at the SaveFarscape site. Since prospects for the show to survive at SciFi are dim, the creators are currently looking for a new network home such as UPN with its strong history of science fiction and genre programming.

But, while things remain in limbo, rapid action on the part of the fans is crucial - especially polite but disappointed phone calls and similarly themed handwritten letters. Check out the SaveFarscape site for information on what you can do to save Moya!
-The Centaur

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