Friday, December 05, 2008

Blood Rock Radio  

At 7am on January 28th, I will be reading 20 minutes out of Blood Rock on Ann Arbor's radio show on KFJC 89.7AM, a radio station broadcasting out of Los Altos, California. Thanks to the Nanowrimo community for helping to set this up, and thanks to Ann Arbor!

-the Centaur

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I think that's 10am EST. I will try to listen on the netcast! (available from the website for the radio station)
# posted by Blogger Jim Davies : 4:45 AM

That is all.
# posted by Blogger Gordon : 5:52 AM
  Congratulations! I will be tuning in - already on my Google Calendar.
# posted by Anonymous Greg Traylor : 12:25 PM
  I bungled and put 7 PM into my calendar. Is it archived anywhere?
# posted by Anonymous Greg Traylor : 7:18 PM
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