Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your AI Just Wants To Have Fun  

Upcoming AAAI Workshop: AI and Fun:

Interactive entertainment (aka computer games) has become a dominant force in the entertainment sector of the global economy. The question that needs to be explored in depth: what is the role of artificial intelligence in the entertainment sector? If we accept the premise that artificial intelligence has a role in facilitating the entertainment and engagement of humans, then we are left with new questions...

Papers due March 29...

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Your success with Bell Bridge has paved the way for other writers using Atlanta. I'm finishing up an urban fantasy novel dealing with a power struggle between demons and witches. I'll submit to Bell Bridge this summer. Do you have any practical advice for the three chapter submission? I could use your help because you don't get a second chance.
# posted by Blogger david chylde : 10:42 AM
  Contact me directly at centaur at dresan dot com, but in general the best advice I can offer is to read their writer's guidelines to make sure you're on the right track, write a synopsis which clearly and concisely summarizes the book (don't be coy) and include your three best chapters - ideally your first three chapters, and if your first three chapters aren't strong enough, make them so.
# posted by Blogger Anthony Francis : 10:46 PM
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