Friday, May 30, 2008

Me too me too  

So my buddy Gordon has beat me to the punch (yet again) by finding the site FaceStat, which does wisdom-of-the-crowds rating of pictures.  His came out pretty good; I used one of my favorite pictures of myself, which turned out ... not so much.

tailless lizard

Ok, so I already knew my beloved missing cat is more attractive than me.  But did the crowds in their infinite wisdom have to put down "repulsive" for my level of attractiveness?  Sure, maybe they're referring to the prominent surgery scar on my arm.  But that doesn't explain why the crowds thought I was "definitely not to be trusted."

Stupid crowds.  I didn't want your wisdom anyway.

-the Centaur

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1. You threw the game! Put up a half-way flattering picture. Have Sandi choose a pic for you and try again. Bet you get much better results.

2. On the trustworthiness issue: covering your face (even with a cat) is a grade-A sign of deception.
# posted by Blogger Gordon : 5:50 AM
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