Friday, June 20, 2008

Initial Reactions...  

MacLife magazine for July 2008 has an article on "The 30 Best Mac Apps You've Never Heard Of".  Out of these, three really stood out:

  • Witch corrects Mac OS X's crappy alt-tab behavior.  Thank the Good Lord!

  • Celtx so far looks like a fantastic scriptwriting app for comics and video and it's totally crossplatform.  Yum.

  • Twitterific is a neat way to quickly send Twitters and to visualize your friend's Twitters using Growl ... but it somehow blew me past 70 requests to Twitter just after I turned it on.  Not boding well, but this may be a startup issue thing.  Doesn't appear to have broken posting to Twitter, just the reading of what's posted via itself. Hm...

More news as I know how well these work...
-the Centaur



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