Frost Moon Submitted

Friday afternoon I finished revising Frost Moon, and Friday evening I submitted it to a publisher.

Frost Moon was my 2007 Nanowrimo entry and is my second completed novel. 9 beta readers helped me out: Sandi, Barbara, Wally, Fred, Diane, Gayle, Mel, Liza and Keiko; sorry to everyone who didn’t get a copy but if you don’t really bug me about it I’ll forget.

The final document that went out was the 42nd revision with a word count of 87737.

Cross your fingers!
-the Centaur

The Housing Market: AKA Apollo 13

I’m not in the market to sell my home, but thanks to the site Zillow I have a rough gauge of how my home is doing on the market. In the first year that I owned my home, I have reason to believe it appreciated between 1% and 2% of its value. More recently … that’s started to change for the worst.

Two months ago, according to Zillow’s “zestimate”, it had dropped 2% of its value.

Two days ago, it had dropped 10% of its value.

Today, it has dropped an additional 1% of its value.

Fun fun fun! I see “not moving anytime soon” in my immediate (and not-so-immediate) future.

-the Centaur

Ok, So NOW You Can Buy a Time Capsule

Apple updated the drivers on the Time Capsule, and for the past ~month it has done a good job of backing up my Mac. I was waiting to tell you guys because previously if you looked at the Time Capsue funny it broke down. But it survived the acid test: I went on a trip to Atlanta, and when I came back the backups resumed with no hiccups.

It still took me a whole evening’s worth of work to get it running, but it is running. So you can go get one now, if you have a Mac and want trouble-free backups happening without you even having to think about it.

-The Centaur

P.S. In the first version of this post I called it a “Time Machine” … that’s actually the backup/restore software that writes to the Time Capsule. My bad.